About Avail

It starts with Avail.

  • Avail provides a fast and secure data and consensus layer that provides everything to launch a sustainable blockchain.
  • Avail is optimized for building next-generation trust-minimized applications, sovereign rollups, and zero-knowledge or fraud-proof based blockchain applications. All with greater efficiency and ease.

Monolithic blockchains just can’t keep up.

  • Current technology relies on solutions built decades ago and needs to be upgraded.
  • Customization, scalability, and debugging smart contracts leads to a host of problems.
  • It’s prohibitively expensive and slow to build modern applications directly on monolithic chains. Avail provides the better way.



We envision a world where blockchain technology seamlessly integrates into people’s lives transforming how institutions, communities, and individuals coordinate unlocking endless possibilities for a more transparent, secure, and equitable world.