The strong validator

Atlas believes strongly in Cryptocurrencies.
It is the future in both technology and our decentralized financial system. That is why we started to provide services for everyone.
We run our own servers from a data center where we rent rack space and that is why we ask for a small 5% commission for staking with us. Our systems are equipped with monitoring features and we are present in Discord almost every single day.

Feel free to contact us and ask anything you want to know. For staking questions you can also contact us via email.

Some characteristics:

  • Hewlett-Packard Servers. For best performance we run and maintain are own HPE equipment
  • Operations from datacenter at Schiphol-Rijk close to the AMS-IEX, Amsterdam
  • Backup servers standby in case of trouble
  • 100% uptime
  • Strong community presence
  • Activly involved with project and team, like submitting Polygon Improvement Proposals
  • For disaster revovery we maintain both on- and of-site for backups
  • VM-Ware ESXi based virtual machines.

About Gravity Bridge

Open Data Interoperable Network

Gravity Bridge chain will act as neutral ethereum to cosmos bridge. Through IBC(Interblockchain communication), many different cosmos based projects can connect and use the bridge to access ERC20 assets, like dai or usdc, without having to operate the gravity orchestrator on their own chain

Gravity will be able to bring ERC20 assets from Ethereum into Cosmos, as well as Cosmos assets to Ethereum ERC20 representations. ATOM, and any other asset in the Cosmos ecosystem, will be able to trade on Uniswap and other Ethereum AMMs, and interact with Ethereum DeFi like any ERC20 token