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Nomic Bitcoin Bridge Update 4

The first mainnet phase of the Nomic Bitcoin bridge launched 4 weeks ago. Today is the start of week five. During this testing phase only 21 bitcoin will be allowed through the Nomic bridge. Full mainnet is scheduled to launch sometime in January. That will be version 8.

If you care to check out the previous updates on Reddit, click for Update 1, Update 2, and Update 3.

Today's Key Takeaways

  1. Many validators are jailed. Jailed validators do not earn rewards so if your validator is jailed, redelegate.
  2. More BTC has been bridged into the Cosmos
  3. There is slightly more nBTC liquidity on Osmosis
  4. There is slightly more nBTC liquidity on Kujira

How to redelegate NOM tokens

NOM reward APY is currently over 40%, so claim and restake your NOM as often as you can to compound your stack. Many people stake and then forget about it and that’s not a good idea.

Check in on you delegation because the network is tricky and validators often get jailed. Make a calendar note to check in on your stake regularly. That way you will remember to compound your rewards too.

One way to hedge your risk of downtime is to stake with 2 or 3 validators.

Please consider redelegating to us at Atlas Staking.

Claim your Nomic (NOM) airdrop

1. First, check to see if you have any unclaimed NOM tokens that were airdropped to your wallet. I had 18 NOM tokens waiting to be claimed and it was a fun surprise. Connect your wallet to the Nomic dashboard. Then, click the rewards tab.

Nomic bitcoin bridge, NOM airdrop, NOM staking, NOM validator, delegate NOM, stake NOM

2. After you have checked the rewards page, click the “Staking” tab to check in on your staked NOM tokens. Then, click the “inactive” tab up top to see whether or not your validator is jailed.

Nomic validators, my Nomic validator is jailed, how to redelegate NOM tokens, how to switch NOM validators

3. If your validator is jailed, click on the validator name to redelegate. Simply click the box that says, “Redelegate” and then search for Atlas Staking.

Additionally, if you are currently only staking NOM with one validator and want to hedge your risk of downtime by staking with a second validator, we’d be thrilled to have you as a delegator at Atlas Staking.


NOM validator, Nomic validator, bitcoin bridge, stake NOM tokens, delegate NOM

Nomic nBTC liquidity after 4 weeks

Since last week bitcoin deposits are flat. They are only up around 5% over the last 3 weeks. We believe this is because:

  1. the 1% bridge fee, which is set to decrease substantially with the next update. 
  2. There is no incentivized liquidity, so not much reason to deposit into liquidity pools.
  3. Issues with relayers have caused IBC transactions to take far too long.
Nomic bitcoin, nBTC liquidity, nBTC Cosmos
Nomic bitcoin bridge, Nomic nBTC, Cosmos bitcoin

nBTC liquidity on Osmosis

Osmosis nBTC/USDC liquidity in pool 1253 is flat since last week, but volume is higher. So, the results are mixed.

nBTC Osmosis LP, Osmosis nBTC liquidity pool, Nomic bitcoin

Osmosis nBTC/wBTC liquidity in pool 1284 is 42% higher and volume is up 140% since last week! Thumbs up!

nBTC/wBTC liquidity pool, Osmosis nBTC liquidity

nBTC liquidity on Kujira

Liquidity is slim because there is no incentive to deposit your Bitcoin. You can see in the screenshot below the APR is 0%. If you want to contribute because you’re a nice person and want to support the ecosystem and expect nothing in return for now, using Kujira BOW you can provide liquidity for nBTC/wBTC, nBTC/MNTA, and nBTC/USK

Kujira, Nomic bitcoin, nBTC, wBTC, wrapped bitcoin
Kujira, Manta MNTA, KUJI, nBTC, Nomic bitcoin, NOM validator
Kujira nBTC USK liquidity pool, earn yield on nBTC, Nomic bitcoin

The Kujira protocol and the various platforms are pretty impressive. One of the coolest features is the ability to bid on liquidated nBTC using Kujira Orca. You can bid for nBTC using xUSDC and xUSK.

Kujira Orca, bid on nBTC using xUSDC, Nomic bitcoin, NOM validator
Kujira Orca nBTC xUSK, bid on liquidated nBTC, Nomic bitcoin, NOM validator


It was a modestly positive week for Nomic, as Bitcoin neither came into or left the Cosmos. Trading volume is up on DEXs, however liquidity is mostly flat because the pool incentives are low. 

Remember to stake and compound your NOM! Thanks for delegating to us at Atlas Staking.

The Atlas Staking Team

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