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Stride Airdrop

Cosmos airdrops are one of the best things about the ecosystem and your chance to get FREE STRD tokens is upon us! The Stride airdrop is claimable November 22, 2022. Atlas Staking is a Stride validator, so we’re super excited to attract more users to the protocol. It will help to decentralize voting power.

Be sure to check out our How To Stake STRD Tokens tutorial.

STRD stakers receive fees from the platform and rewards from new token issuance. We’d be honored to have you as a staking partner.

What is Stride Zone?

Stride Zone is a liquid staking protocol built using Cosmos SDK (Software Development Kit). Blockchains within the Cosmos are referred to as zones.

Monolithic blockchains, like Ethereum are walled off from other ecosystems. Cosmos zones however, are all interconnected. That’s why Cosmos is referred to as the internet of blockchains.

How does Stride Zone work?
1. You deposit tokens, like ATOM and OSMO onto the Stride protocol.
2. Stride then stakes those tokens with validators on the Cosmos Hub and Osmosis Zone respectively.
3. Users receive stATOM and stOSMO in return.
4. The stATOM and stOSMO can then be lent out to generate additional yield.

So, you’ll be earning staking rewards on your OSMO deposited on Stride Zone (minus Stride’s 10% fee) AND you can earn additional yield by lending out your stOSMO.

You have the ability to earn both staking and DeFi income across the Cosmos IBC ecosystem.

This is especially exciting if you need to generate passive income from your crypto, because you no longer have to choose between staking yield or DeFi yield.

Check out the stOSMO/OSMO liquidity pool on Osmosis Frontier.

Stride airdrop details

6,300,000 tokens, or 6.3% of the total STRD token supply will be airdropped. The airdrop is available for stakers of tokens supported by Stride, testnet participants and anyone who deposited tokens onto Stride Zone.

There are three categories of STRD airdrops:
1. Host-chain airdrops
2. Testnet rewards
3. Switching Cost Rebate Program.

Stride Host-chain airdrop
*2.2 million STRD tokens go to ATOM stakers. The snapshot was August 14, 2022. You had to be staking at least 10 ATOM to qualify for the airdrop. Centralized exchange validators, like Coinbase, Kraken and Binance are excluded.

*1 million STRD goes to OSMO stakers. The snapshot was August 14, 2022. You had to be staking at least 85 OSMO. Centralized exchange validators are excluded.

*200,000 STRD goes to JUNO stakers. The snapshot was August 14, 2022. You had to be staking at least 16 JUNO to qualify. Centralized exchange validators are excluded.

*100,000 STRD goes to INJ stakers. The snapshot was October 24, 2022. You had to be staking at least 25 INJ. Centralized exchange validators are excluded.

*20,000 STRD goes to STARS stakers. The snapshot was September 19, 2022. You had to be staking at least 2800 STARS to qualify. Centralized exchange validators are excluded.

*1,555,000 STRD tokens will be held in reserve for future airdrops to onboarded host-chains.

*There will be several tasks to complete in order for host-chain delegators to claim their STRD airdrop. The tokens then vest over a period of time. After vesting they are yours to stake, swap or LP.

The Stride Airdrop claim window lasts for 3 months. Unclaimed tokens are “clawed-back” and offered to those who claimed their airdrop.

According to Stride’s blog, “This mechanism essentially gives users a chance to claim other users’ unclaimed STRD airdrop, while at the same time giving users who missed the claim window a second chance to claim their STRD, albeit a smaller amount. This will help to create a STRD token holder set that is active, engaged, and cares about Stride.”

Testnet Rewards
*500,000 STRD tokens will be airdropped to those who participated in Stride’s testnet and bug bounty in the summer of 2022. The tokens vest over a 3 month period. To claim your tokens, you’ll be asked to link your Discord username to your Stride blockchain address.

Visit the Stride airdrop testnet checker to see if you qualify. Here’s a link to the testnet criteria. If you completed the testnet criteria and your address isn’t listed in the testnet checker, fill out this form.

Switching Cost Rebate Program
*725,000 STRD will go to the Switching Cost Rebate Program. When people unbond their staked host-chain tokens, like ATOM for example, there is a 21-day unbonding period. No staking rewards are earned during the unbonding period, so Stride is offering a rebate to those users. There is no vesting period for these airdropped STRD tokens.

The switching cost rebate program will be discontinued on November 23, 2022.

How to claim the Stride airdrop

Claim your Stride airdrop here. You will need to complete two tasks to claim the full amount, including staking and providing liquidity (ATOM, OSMO, JUNO, STARS, INJ) to the protocol.

Remember check out our STRD staking tutorial and to stake your STRD with us at Atlas Staking.

IMPORTANT! Airdrop recipients can use their STRD tokens to vote on Stride’s Cosmos Hub validator set. That means that you can tell Stride which validators to stake 430,000 ATOM with. The vote is expected to go live December 19, 2022.

We ask that you please vote for our friends at Blocks United and feel free to register for their Cosmos airdrop email list, so you never miss your chance to pick up some free crypto.

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